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Measurements for the Popular Classic Style Sheepskin Flying Jackets 

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Measurement page under construction.

Measurements for the sheepskin flying jackets are liable to vary a little from jacket to jacket as the sheepskin is a natural product. If you are buying a jacket from stock I am happy to take measurements for you from the actual jacket.

Medium Jacket   X  =  24.5 inches O = 22 inches Z = 22 inches

Large Jacket       X  =  25.5 inches O = 23 inches Z = 22 inches

XLarge Jacket       X  =  27.5 inches O = 25 inches Z = 23 inches

XXLarge Jacket       X  =  28.5 inches O = 26 inches Z = 23.5 inches

Please email or call 07899875525 if you are waiting for measurements for other sizes. Thanks, Carol.

Medium Jacket   X  =  20 inches  O = 24.5 inches  Z = 26 inches

Large Jacket       X  =  21 inches  O = 25.5 inches  Z = 26 inches

XLarge Jacket       X  =  22 inches  O = 26 inches  Z = 27 inches

XXLarge Jacket       X  =  23 inches  O = 27 inches  Z = 27 inches

Medium Jacket    X  =  6 inches        O = 6 inches

Large Jacket       X  =  6.25 inches    O = 6 inches

XLarge Jacket       X  =  6.25 inches    O = 6 inches

XXLarge Jacket       X  =  6.5 inches    O = 6 inches

Medium Jacket   X  =  24 inches 

Large Jacket       X  =  24 inches 

XLarge Jacket       X  =  25 inches 

XXLarge Jacket       X  =  25 inches 

Medium Jacket   X  =  22.5 inches 

Large Jacket       X  =  22.5 inches 

XLarge Jacket       X  =  23 inches 

XXLarge Jacket       X  =  23inches 

Front Measurements

Front Measurements

Back Measurements

Back Measurements

Shoulder and CollarMeasurements

Shoulder and Collar Measurements

Top Sleeve Measurement

Top Sleeve Measurement

Under Sleeve Measurement

Under Sleeve Measurement

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