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Luxurious Toscana Sheepskin for Gilets Hats Bags and Scarves

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I am usually able to make the toscana gilets in black and brown toscana brisa and black and brown tone/tone toscana. Brisa toscana has the pale tipping on the tips of the wool and tone/tone toscana has the same colour wool as the suede or nappalan side of the sheepskin. At the moment the brisa is available to order but there is very little tone/tone. Other colours come and go but I am always looking around for more colour choice. The gallery below contains many of the colours I have used and I will try to keep the available colours at the top In some of the colours that are out of stock for gilets I still have pieces left suitable for trimming hats scarves and handbags.

My Model Customer in her Toscana Sheepskin Gilet

This lovely model customer collected her toscana sheepskin gilet from my studio and was kind enough to let me take some pictures of her in it to show you.

There is a small leather tie at the front of her gilet which I am happy to add for those of you who would like a fastening. Each gilet is individual for each individual so please ask for that little touch that will make the gilet just right for you but please note once a gilet


See the Gilets in Stock

Page to be updated soon. Lots more colours available for accessories and sometimes gilets.

Current available colours for Shearling Coats Jackets Gilets & Accessories are

Black T/T Sueded Toscana Shearling

Black Brisa Sueded Toscana Shearling

Brown T/T Sueded Toscana Shearling

Brown Brisa Sueded Toscana Shearling

Aviator Toscana which is a distressed brown nappalan finish with mid brown wool tipped black. Gorgeous !! Limited

There is limited availability of the Mid Grey, Amandari and Warm Honey and Aviator.

is customised it may not be refundable.

Individual Colours in Small Quantities

Beautiful Pale Aqua Blue Pearlised Finish Toscana

Beautiful Pale Aqua Blue Pearlised Finish Toscana

Black Pyramid Cut Suede Finish Toscana

Black Pyramid Cut Suede Finish Toscana

Raspberry Pink Pyramid Cut Toscana

Raspberry Pink Pyramid Cut Toscana

Toscana Aviator

Toscana Aviator

Other colours are sometimes available so it’s always worth asking if you are looking for an individual colour. Especially for Shearling Hats Bags or Scarves.

I will also be adding pictures of some of the gilets I have made to order in the Gallery area of Designer Leathercraft to show some of the colours made up into gilets.

See the Pintos Toscana Sheepskins

Unfortunately most of the toscana colours below are currently unavailable but I do have some small pieces that I will be using for trimming hats, bags, scarves and tippets.

Pale Turquoise Toscana Sheepskin Suede Finish

Wine Suede Finish Toscana Lambskin

Denim Toscana Sheepskin Suede Finish

Coral Red Toscana Sheepskin

Brown Nappa Finish Toscana Sheepskin

Baby Blue Tosacana Sheepskin

Chocolate Brown tone tone Toscana

Ecru and New Brown Tipped

Peacock Blue Toscana Lambskin Suede Finish

Luxurious Honey Toscana Sheepskin

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