Individual Special Order for a Large Brown Mongolian Sheepskin  Bag.

The lady that I made this large  brown mongolian sheepskin scoop shape bag with a wide leather shoulder strap for had been searching for some time for large mongolian sheepskin bags and had almost given up finding the bag she wanted until she put a search to the Google search engine for “ Mongolian Sheepskin Bags” A few sites for bean bags appeared and then at no 5 there was me so clicking through onto my  website on the suede , leather and sheepskin bags page she decided to email me as a last resort just in case I could help.

I was delighted as this was the very first customer to email me since the site had been listed on Google search. I emailed back to say I would be happy to make her special scoop design in the mongolian sheepskin for her and the lady sent me her design. A super design for a large bag with a wide brown leather shoulder strap and a zip top. I set a chunky brown zip into a wide leather top panel so there was no problem with the zip getting caught in the sheepskin and put a phone pocket just at the end of the bag so there was no need to open the bag too far when the phone rang. This was the idea of the customer of mine that I made the silver leather bag special order for.

Well there’s large bags and there’s large bags and my customer had not quite allowed for the length of wool on the mongolian sheepskin so we ended up with a very large bag. Being not a large lady the bag was a little too large so in order to supply my new customer with the large but not too large brown mongolian sheepskin bag she had always wanted I braced myself and cut a whole 2 inches off the bottom of the bag!

Success! This was now just the bag the lady wanted.

So if there’s something in suede, leather snakeskin or sheepskin that you’ve always wanted please do contact me to see if it is something I could make.




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