Gorgeous Goatskin Coats and Jackets


The goatskin coats are back! The goatskin has arrived and I am having a few sample coats and jackets made. The skin has soft natural goat hair and a silky brown nappalan finish. Gorgeous! Please let me know if you would like a cutting. I have the coats and jackets made for me in the UK and I will be making gilets and a range of accessories myself. I am working on patterns for the coats and jackets which can be made in all lengths with either the shawl collar or the classic lapel collar. If you would like to have a coat or jacket made to order please contact me to discuss your choice of design and skin shade.

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Sample Jacket and Coat 

Jacket   S/10    Sold

Coat    M/12    Sold

Jan 1st 2013. I am near the end of my current stock of goatskins for coats and jackets and unlikely to have more in the near future. I have a few goatskin gilets in stock and will be adding one more jacket in a 14/16 shortly. I will be making some accessories for 2013 including goatskin scarves and bags.

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Toscaa Shearling Gilet
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Toscana Gilets

Toscana Scarves

Helen McAlinden Brown Designer Leather Jacket
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Ladies Sheepskin Flying Jacket
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Toscana Shearling Hats

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